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The basics

Unlike its predecessor T1, Jore is a complete speaker without a stand.
The x-over is mounted in a similar way as for Dingle - on a vibration-isolating suspension
in a compartment on the back of the cabinet.

Jore is optimized to give a good bass reproduction relatively close to the wall in an ordinary room
- both with and without room adaptation. There is an option to customize the bass reflex port
on the back for different rooms and locations. Jore can be placed on any stable stand.

The cabinet

The box is hand-built in Sweden, and our plan is to be able to offer cabinets in different classes.
Please see the price list.

The X-over

The X-over - the directly connected series filter, is easily accessible in a compartment
on the back. Which makes it easy to disconnect for an upgrade or for active use.
Read more about active use under [technique.]

The M stands

If you want to lift the music reproduction to a higher level, we have, despite the fact that Jore
works on "normal" stands, we have made an extremely stable stand. With a milled aluminum foot and
a very strong profile with internal damping. The M stand is relatively expensive. But the music
improves so much that we still want to say that it is cost effective.
  • Stable cabinet in birch plywood with pinewood at the back
  • Ready for Active use
  • Active filters for Exakt.Design

Technical Specifications

Product Name Jore
Product No K1
Current version 5.3
Principle 2-way
x-overdirectly connected series filter 2nd order
Frequency range50-25 000 Hz
Sensitivity89dB / 4 ohms
Min impedance3.5 ohm
Power music80 Watt
Height 36.5cm

Address: Aschebergsgatan 15 441 27 Göteborg Telefon:031-135100 E-mail: info@klangedang.se