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Passive use

Directly Connected Series Filter
Most speakers have a crossover filter
divided into different sections:
- eg one for bass and one for treble,
each section works in principle

The treble section isolates the treble
drive unit from bass tones, and the bass
unit isolated from treble signal. However,
the speaker drive units are not linear at
all but work also as microphones that
send a rather unpredictable signal
back to the crossover. Musical
precision and information will then
then be lost.

With our direct connected Series Filter
the bass and treble section sits
together. We do not claim
that the problem above is completely
solved. But the crossover is designed to
handle these "error signals" from the speaker elements in the best possible way.

The principle is a bit "self-adjusting" so that the interaction between bass and treble throughout
the time will be right - not only in theory but also in practice and at different
levels and transients!

We call the principle Direct Series Filter and the strength is just
the cooperation between the bass and the treble, and that makes the music more genuine.

With "direct connection" we mean that the input signal (plus and minus) is connected directly to
treble drive unit plus and bass drive unit minus. Secondly, the signal then goes from the speaker
drive units to the crossover, that is isolated outside the active cabinet.

Active use

With active use, each speaker drive unit is fed directly from its respective power amp.

The advantages are many - the power amps gets much better control over the drive unit, and you
can adjust the signal for each drive unit more accurately. Also, the power amps
only needs to handle a small part of the signal, which reduces the distortion and greatly
extends the dynamic resources.

Active filters that are tested or in Beta version

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