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Klångedang Dingle

The basics

Our floor model Dingle is in the standard version optimized to provide a good bass reproduction
relatively close to the wall in an ordinary room without any room adaptation. There is an option with
lower attenuation on the bass port for placing longer from the front wall.

The cabinet

Dingle is hand-built in a high-quality composite of birch. The box is very stably built
without being excessively thick.

Standard design is black. But we can manufacture Dingle according to your own wishes about
special finish. An alternative is natural birch.

The X-over

The X-over is easily accessible in a compartment on the back. Which makes it easy to
to disconnect for e.g. active use. Read more about active use under [Technology]

  • Stable plywood cabinet
  • Stable aluminum foot
  • Ready for Active use
  • Directly connected series filter

Technical Specifications

Product Name Dingle
Product No K2
Current version 5.3
Principle 3-way
Frequency range38-30000Hz
Sensitivity89dB / 8 ohms
Min impedance5.8 ohm
Power music100 Watt
Height including feet96cm
Width excl. foot22.3cm
Depth excl. foot30.5cm
Width of foot30cm
Depth of foot34.5cm

Address: Aschebergsgatan 15 441 27 Göteborg Telefon:+4631-135100 E-mail: info@klangedang.se