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klångedang T1 (manufactured to order)

The T1 is our first model and has a long history with upgrades behind it today.

The T1 is integrated with the racks which also hold the mechanically insulated crossover filters
- our special - synchronous serial crossover filters - Direct Reference.

The speaker box, which is handmade in solid wood, creates together with the aluminum stand and the
solid wooden foot a mechanically well-functioning system. Aluminum provides stability and
the solid wood at both ends dampens the resonances well.

Direct synchronous serial filter

As we moved the crossover filter into the racks, it became possible with what we call
direct connection. The signal (plus o minus) is connected directly to the treble plus and the bass minus.
Secondly, the signal then goes from the speaker elements down to the crossover filter, which is mechanical
isolated in the stand.

The directly connected synchronous serial filter is what makes the T1 a unique speaker and
it has taken around 7 years to get to where we are today. I guess 75% of the T1's are
development work just the crossover filter.

We are convinced that Klångedang T1 is one of the best small speakers on the market.
We would also like to inform you that stick-glued solid wood is a living material,
and the box on T1 therefore also has its own life and can become a little personally skewed over time.
Cracks can also occur which, however, are easily repaired with a little wood glue.
  • Stable box in solid wood
  • Stable aluminum stand with strong solid wooden base

Technical data

Principle 3-way
Frequency range 67-25000Hz
Sensitivity 84dB / 8hom
My impedance: 6 ohm [more info]
Effectiveness music 50 Watt
Height incl foot 87cm
Width the box itself 17.3cm
Depth 24.5cm
Width of foot 22cm

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