How it all began

Once upon a time it all began with modified IKEA Lack tables. Compared to most furniture
Lack tables simply set the music free. When you stacked them it was worse, but still ok.
It took up a lot of space though!

The idea with Harmonihyllan was to make something that performed as well as the modified IKEA
tables, but was less space demanding. At the time there was no plan to make a high-end product.
That though was 20 years ago!

After several prototypes we ended up with two components:
  • Solid aluminium uprights
  • Solid wood, handcrafted from the start

    We found that parts and materials with a more harmonic resonance character interfered less with
    the music. This is why it is called Harmonihyllan (The harmony shelf). Factory made shelves did
    not sound the same as genuine solid wood that was handcrafted from the start. The same can be
    said for musical instruments!

    Simple isn’t easy..

    Harmonihyllan perhaps looks simple - and it simply improves the music. But the design is not
    simple, and all parts are there for a reason. Harmonihyllan is designed to perform optimally even
    during changes in temperature and humidity. But just as with other furniture, a brand new
    Harmonihylla needs more re-tightening.